Wearing this robe will keep you warm, cozy and very lonely.

bad ads and unfashionable things

bad ads and unfashionable things

“Beautiful embroidered detail and smocking on the yoke.” That’s not the only detail that will have you saying wtf. This sexy product advertisement gets sent out to millions of coupon clippers each week that are just waiting to get their hands on this never fashionable trend. Available in astronomical sizes to prepare you for the extra weight that warm, cozy and lazy will bring you. Available in plus sizes then average sizes says a lot about this product.

Putting on a shirt is too difficult. But this zip-front fleece is so easy. Wait…does that zip all the way down? (I should know I’m wearing it right?).

Available in colors that sound like stripper names.

Royal 88, Fuchsia 21, Jade 41, Coral 19, Turquoise 11, and last but not least Lavender 71.

Get yours now and you will save $15.00! Don’t get too excited though. I’m sure that $15 effects the dime and nickel wages of the sweatshop employees slaving to make this awkward looking dress.

On that note I’ll end this here in hopes that I come across more bad ads this holiday season for my own pure amusement and entertainment.

Merry Christmas Shopping!

bad ads and unfashionable things

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  1. Your christmas present

  2. Lol. Well I’m glad they come in 4x!

  3. Hottest Amish gown on the market

  4. You are a clever one

  5. Might have to report this for sexual images

  6. So do I place my order w you or what cuz I’m gonna need at least 10. Do u gift wrap for Xmas gift?

  7. Sarah its official you are definitely going to be an old maid !!

  8. I want the fuschia one

  9. You make this hott! I want one 🙂

  10. Haha is that your blue steel face

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